The luxe of perfume : Home fragrances,

design diffusers

The trend towards the domestic dimension creates the need for consumers to embellish their daily routine , not only in the field of beauty and cosmetics, but also in the care of their most intimate setting.

The attention to detail is also raised to everyday products, and the new Home Fragrances lines demonstrate how a container designed to perfume the environment can become a decorative and design object .

These products can represent the flagship of a perfumery line, or complete a fashion collection by embellishing the Accessories part or to be offered solely as exclusive home fragrances that become effective pieces of furniture.

Candles, perfumers, refills and diffusers: the search for ever more meticulous details leads to the demand for personalization of Home Fragrances products, to transform them into unique and prestigious decorative elements.

The dedicated study to the customization proposes a choice of complementary elements in aluminum as an effective solution to enhance and refine the packaging.

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