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Since 1951 INCA is a manufacturer of aluminium and plastic primary packaging for fragrances, cosmetics and skin-care.

Our company history is characterized by passion and dedication to the processing of aluminium, which we shape with competence and skills.

Our creativity in finding even the most unusual technological solutions is what sets us apart. We shape the metal into unusual shapes, and we manage the production of any quantity of components thanks to our flexible industrial process.
In addition, we cooperate with beverage and furniture brands for the production of technical and functional components.
Our know-how together with our industrial flexibility allow us to develop SUR-MESURE projects, which result is a unique, luxury and finely decorated packaging.

The amazing natural environment we are in is a spontaneous boost to maintain a high attention to sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of our process and products.
Aluminium is 100% recyclable, and it can be re-used indefinitely as long as it is used accordingly to an eco-sustainable design engineering. That’s why we are focusing on the development of 100% ALU recyclable products, without compromising sophistication, elegance and luxury required by the market.





Perfume caps, collars, aluminium accessories for perfume bottles


Skincare and Personal care

Cream jars and skincare containers lids, lotion pump capsules, aluminium containers, dispenser caps


Make Up

Lipstick cases and mechanisms, lip-gloss, packaging for mascara, containers for poured products


Aluminium coatings for synthetic caps, decoration for glass bottles or metal caps

Other uses

Other uses

Furniture components, home fragrance , automotive and other technical fields

Our Values

and local Community

We care for the amazing natural environment surrounding us and are committed to implementing the best procedures to lower our impact. Our sense of social and environmental responsibility is driving our choices for solutions to reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing and products. Aluminium as an unlimited recyclable raw material is an inspiration to us in developing 100% recyclable items.


Flexibility is our watchword on approaching customers’ design projects. We have a well-structured industrial process and limitless creativity in providing different technical solutions.

Team spirit

We trust in sharing and cooperation . Our team, of different skilled people, praises high professional competences to reach the common goals. Our experience, part of our long history, internal cooperation and our passion are the right combination to face the difficult challenges of the current market.

Our Insights

Curiosities, ideas and considerations from the world of packaging

Luxury 100% recyclable

Luxury 100% recyclable

Luxury 100% recyclableInca offers a luxury vial container, which dresses the glass with a mono-material aluminum shell, 100% recyclable. The refillable packaging is designed to safely and elegantly contain the vial, which is also ideal for travel sizes. Eco-designed,...

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