INCA RE-AL: the green proposal

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover: this is the mantra that designers and developers from all applications repeat constantly during their conception phase of a new product. Always looking for innovative solutions and materials, they find in the contamination between various sectors not only a source of aesthetic inspiration, but also an opportunity to test new technological solutions and alternative materials.

alluminio, il lusso sostenibile

So why not to create cosmetic packaging with aluminum from industrial and domestic waste materials?

INCA fully agrees with the principle of reducing the consumption of raw materials by conserving available resources and reducing the energy consumption for their transformation; that’s why we are focusing a lot of energy and resources on finding solutions that allow the use of aluminum from 100% recycled material.

INCA Re-AL is the first and promising result of studies, in which different aluminum alloys with 100% recycled metal have been tested. The metal obtained from fusion of components of different origins is malleable, machinable in appropriate conditions and has a homogeneous surface.

INCA Re-AL line is presented for Skin Care products version, but  can easily be conceived for perfume caps, covers for spirits or lipsticks packaging.

The cooperation with the producers of the raw material in this preliminary phase is fundamental, not only to guarantee the constancy of the qualitative parameters of the metal, but also to manage its availability on the market. Thanks to the fact that it can be recycled an infinite number of times without altering its properties, new applications with recycled aluminum are multiplying, making the market demand exploding. 

INCA confirms its determination to pursue the Green transformation. The use of recycled raw material represents an important challenge for the decrease of CO2 emissions and the reduction of energy consumption throughout the entire production process.

For a sustainable evolution

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