Aluminium, sustainable luxury

No one is exempt from respecting the environment, caring about Earth and being eco-friendly. The world is changing its leanings, mentality and point of wiew. Industries plan for a reduced footprint production process and consumers are more likely to pick plastic free and eco-friendly products.
Luxury packaging has already upgraded to sustainable eco-friendly materials proofing their excellent design.

Unlimited recycling design

Aluminium is a leading material among many others, still transforming itself 163 years after been introduced at the Paris International Exhibition. Thanks to new recycling technologies, it is pushing design’s boundaries even further. Aluminium production from recycling is 95% more efficient then from raw material and the new carbon free technologies allow unlimited recycle with no waste.

Italy, together with Germany with 1.5 TONS, is the third country in the world, following USA and Japan, for recycling.

Aluminium, a no compromise choice

Outstanding eco-friendly characteristics for this material allow for unlimited packaging solutions with no give-and-take on quality. Aluminium is light and can be shaped in many ways, meeting industries’ customer needs.
Repellent to fluids, gasses, dust and bacteria, keeps the products clear of any odour and taste contamination. It comes with outstanding quality levels along allowing packaging functionality.

Aluminium is light, functional, strong, the best choice for an eco-friendly footprint to your product with no compromising.