Aluminum and spirits, an elegant combination

The  synthetic  closure is a fundamental component of the Spirits’ packaging.

The cork guarantees tightness towards the external environment, provides steadiness to the glass bottle as well as facilitates its re-use without compromising the quality of the products it preserves.

The much more effective technical solution to cover a synthetic cap is an aluminum coating, which satisfies the Brand needs to customize the packaging and be recognized in the market. The possible cork covering dimensions are different and vary according to the demand: from very small diameters (28.9mm) to larger ones (60.1mm) for any limited editions. Well decorated and personalized, a cap dressed in the same style of bottle and label, becomes in this way a closure component well identified, and completes the luxurious and captivating look of the whole packaging.


By registering, you can download some of our 3D models that you can insert in your projects and, later, customize them to make your packaging unique

There are various technologies to decorate and customize a cap: embossing, debossing, rolling, anodizing with brilliant or matt finishing, sublimation, pad printing and hot foiling.


silk-screen printing

Pad printing


At last, if the Brand requires a full-service customized cap and ready to be corked, the covering can be assembled directly on its synthetic thanks to a no-mar edge or a refold-technique to soften the edge.

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