The trend to restart begins with the journey. We return to normality after months of restrictions, we start planning again, and we get our lives back after being stopped for safety. We book hotels, organize excursions and retrieve suitcases from wardrobes.

Flights take off again. The airports, deserted for long, start to tell stories of departures and returns, of new experiences that occur and enrich our lives. Travel is once again becoming a main protagonist, a desired moment for all categories of travelers, from last-minute sailors to those who need to combine travel and work in a hybrid formula.

Travel is not just a trip, but a moment of escape, where you can recover your wellbeing and bring home a baggage of sensations and memories.

Travel is an emotion that contains perfumes, and perfumes tell the story of travels.

The world of Beauty is re-launching small sizes, to offer the quality and exclusivity of the Brand in a miniature solution, tailor-made for beauty cases.

Today it is possible to offer the consumer’s favorite fragrance even for a very small luggage, respecting the need for lightness and the rules imposed by airlines companies, with the Travel Spray proposal.


Ready to Go is Inca’s answer to the demand for a travel fragrance complete with all components in a single solution “size on the go!

Ready to Go consists of a 10ml travel-size glass bottle, an aluminum capsule, a pump and a collar, all supplied in a full service solution.

The personalized and exclusive decorations of the vial characterize a sensorial packaging, that gives life to the emotion of being somewhere else.

The colors, patterns and decorations become an indelible experience on the perfume, telling the story of exotic places or bouquets of flowers, amplifying the perception of the product and the connection with the Brand.

The Travel Spray is completed by an aluminum cap available in multiple finishes.

Ready to Go transforms the brand into a travel companion, becoming part of its identity and the story it narrates.

What is your travel story? Send us your decoration and discover our complete solutions

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